About Us

The purpose of Quench is two-fold; to raise awareness about the World Water Crisis while also providing safe, clean drinking water to those in need around the world. We are raising the funds through the sales of t-shirts, reusable filtered water bottles, stickers, bracelets and in the future plan to expand our product line. The funds we raise will go directly to location-based projects through our partner Thirst Relief International.

Providing clean water has a multiplier effect on other key needs. Because villagers don’t have to walk for hours each day to retrieve water, women are able to work and grow their income, and children are more able to attend school. The illness and disease burden is also significantly reduced. Clean water, then, is not only vital for giving life, but our solutions reduce disease while increasing education and economic outcomes.


Meet Our Team

Kelsey Stanley


Kelsie started researching the World Water Crisis for a college course and was blown away by how shocking the statistics were. After she felt compelled to help those less fortunate than her. She than began to dream about creating her own non-profit organization so she could know exactly how to help. For her final, she and Christian created the idea of Quench. Since then, she and Christian have turned their final into a sustainable business and are now helping people affected by the World Water Crisis all over the world.

Christian Chasmer


Christian has a passion for business and entrepreneurship. He partnered with Kelsie in college to create Quench when Kelsie had the idea to turn a class project into something impactful. They knew they wanted to help the World Water Crisis and came up with Quench to do just that. He has a passion for helping others and feels that Quench is the best avenue to help the greatest number of people. Currently, Christian is pursuing other entrepreneurial adventures in Boston where he is the co-owner of a real estate investment company.

Atisha Patel

Executive Brand Ambassador

Quench reached out to Atisha after they heard about her starting a student service organization called Helping Hands at USC. Atisha became a Brand Ambassador on campus and now she is an Executive Brand Ambassador, overseeing our Quench Brand Ambassadors at USC. Atisha is especially passionate about this cause because her family is from Tanzania and India, where our first projects were completed. Along with her family members, Atisha herself has became ill from drinking water at restaurants while visiting her relatives in India. The World Water Crisis hits a lot closer to home than Atisha would have ever imagined; she wants to put an end to the World Water Crisis, now more than ever.